Details and Care Instruction of our Herbariums

  • All of our Herbarium materials are imported from Japan.

  • Our Herbariums are indoor use only.

  • Our Herbarium oil is non-toxic mineral oil.

  • Herbarium flowers and oil have no scent.

  • Our typical Herbarium will last anywhere between six months or greater.  

  • ​All our Herbariums differ based on the type of flowers and storage condition.  

  • Some flowers become semitransparent as infuse oil.

  • It is normal for some fading or decolorization over time.  This is caused by UV rays, so keeping the items out of direct sunlight is highly suggested.

  • Flowers and other contents might move and some petals might fall off in the bottles while delivered.

  • Occasionally wipe the bottles with a non-abrasive cloth with some glass cleaning solution.

  • Do not open the bottles.  If the contents of the bottles contact your skin, remove the oil with a gentle wash with soap and water.  

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.  

  • DO NOT ingest the oil contained in the bottle.

  • When disposing of the herbarium, please do not pour the contents down the drain, instead dispose promptly as per regulations of your city or state with any oil-based product.



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